Thursday, 26 January 2012

Things to Change

After my feedback tutorial, I agree that my drawing style needs to become looser and that I need to take more risks with my film as it is all too safe. I intend to start by changing my animatic, mostly adding more dance scenes and changing alot of the camera angles. I made a quick list of what to start changing.

  1. Shoe box, more to the right side of the frame following the rule of thirds. Maybe even get rid of the box and have the ballerina take the shoes from a bag.
  2. Over the knee shot of ballerina taping her toes. I have reference footage which will give a more 3D feel as the camera has the dancers knee in shot giving perspective.
  3. Putting on shoe, change angle perhaps from dancers perspective.
  4. Jumping scene, perhaps from a view below the dancer or a pan of her body from feet to chest.
  5. Tutor will not be static, but will be seen watching her movement carefully.
  6. Cane shown from below, to show the power that the teacher is exerting.
  7. Splits, show from behind, and close up of her face.
  8. Bashing shoe, need more thought on the perspective of this scene.
  9. Pirouette from above and from below the dancer. maybe even a shot of the tutu turning.
  10. Dancer moving en pointe to the side. I imagine the camera to be at an angle and the dancer moves towards it.
  11. Simplify barre scene and put more dance scenes between it and the scene where her feet are shown battered. All the audience needs to know is that she is tired.
  12. Big opening scene of the stage, the music goes quiet for a moment then picks up.
  13. the choreography for the final dance needs to be changed. Will watch more ballets and see what movements go together.
  14. more dance scenes are needed in general.

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