Monday, 9 January 2012

Video References needed

List of Reference videos to be made

 Here is a list of the reference videos that I will need to make for my film. Some i have already created and have marked with done in bold after them. The yellow highlighted ones are for videos I can create without a ballet dancer and the ones highlighted in red are ones that I will need a ballet dancer for.

First scene- taking out shoes and preparing the feet for dancing
·         taking shoes out of bag -Done
·         sewing ribbons to shoes- Done
·         preparing feet with tape - Done
·         putting on shoes and tying ribbons - Done
·         trying out shoes for the first time, shaking foot from pain - Done

Second scene- taking to the barre
·         Putting hand onto barre
·         Moving arm into position - Done
·         Pointing foot - Done
·         Jumping up and down (movement is called a changement)
·         Teacher watching
·         Cane Tapping
·         Ballet movement where feet spread apart and go onto pointe
·         Pushed into the Splits
·         Shoe Bashing
·         Arm Movement
·         Pirouette close up on foot
·        Cane Tapping
·        Head is moved by teacher roughly
·        Movement up onto point on one foot

Third Scene- Fatigue is showing
·        Ballet shoe is sliced into on the sole
·        Ballerina is sat being viewed from birds eye view
·        View of hurt feet- Done
·        View of ballerina in mirror
·        A side profile of ballerinas head looking down
·        Close up on bruised foot and shoe is placed onto it- Done
·        Ballerina stands
·        Ballerina takes deep breath and straightens her back and continues
·        Ballerina goes onto pointe and moves side to side on pointe

Fourth Scene- a moment of tiredness
·        Ballerina is seen hanging onto the barre
·        close up of ballerinas face from the profile view
·        Camera pans down to her feet
·        She moves up onto pointe and starts to dance

Fifth Scene- The Show

·         The Ballerina snaps the back of her shoe
·         Takes out the inside part of the sole
·         Does her hair in the mirror
·         Does her make up
·         Stands and fluffs out her tutu
·         Takes to the stage and dances
·         Throws her shoes away

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