Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sketches and Colour Tests with digital colouring

Here I have what I intend the pointe shoes to look like in the final piece in order of how worn out they are.

Here I have when the shoes are perfect and new. Stiff and the box shape of the toe is still recognisable.

Slowly the lines become smoother, the shoes are becoming dirtier and the box is slowly becoming rounder. the tip is becoming more worn away and the soles are dirtier.

the lines are more smudged as the shoe becomes more worn in, the tip is tearing and wearing away. the shoe is more broken in meaning the sole is alot less stiff

the shoe has reached the end of its life and is going to be thrown away. the sole is broken, the tip is worn away to the canvas and the shoes are extremely grubby.

I have also coloured each stange digitally in photoshop, following the colour pallette I uploaded in a previous entry.

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