Sunday, 8 January 2012

Research into foot damage from point shoes

As my film is based upon a dancer and her shoes I have had to research into the damaged caused by ballet pointe shoes. I found all of the photos I found searching the internet shocking and quite sickening which caused me to leave a few out due to how disgusting they are.

Main Foot Problems Caused by Pointe Shoes

  1.  Broken/cracked/bruised toenails: Caused by toe nails that are too long. Or ill fitting shoes where the toes are free to bang around inside the shoe whilst dancing.
  2. Blisters: caused by the shoe rubbing on the toes and side of foot.
  3. Bunions: caused by too narrow shoes and from being en pointe over a long period of time.
  4. Callouses/corns:  Caused by the continuous rubbing of the shoe against the feet and toes. Dancers leave callouses to grow as they prevent the dancer getting blisters.
  5. Severe Bruising to feet: Caused from being on pointe as the pull of gravity pulls more weight onto the toes.
  6. Stress Fracture: Caused by the pull of gravity whilst en pointe.

The viewer can clearly see the imprint of the pointe shoes rim around the front of the foot, as well as callouses and broken nails.

Blisters can be seen on the big and little toes as well as a bunion forming. The toes are red and irritated

Again an imprint from the rim of the pointe shoe can be seen. Bruising can be clearly seen.  

Cuts and blisters can be seen all over the foot from the pointe shoe rubbing.

All of these injuries will have to be taken into account when I create my film.

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