Friday, 13 January 2012

Schedule for final film

I have split my workload into the separate parts that will make up my film and the order in which they will need to be done as well as how long they will take.
1.Sound: I Am researching my sound at the moment and by the 16th of January I will have decided on a musical piece that I will use. I will Give myself two weeks to find some one to perform it on piano for me. After I have my sound recorded I will then hand it to Dale Wharton to edit ready for me to animate to. It is important that my music be done first as my film is quite like a choreography and will need to be able to animate to the timing of the music.
th January – 30th January. 14 days/ two weeks

2.Animation Video References: I will need to video dance and movement references for my film. I’m hoping to complete this in a week.
th January – 5th February. 6 days

3.Animation and backgrounds: I want to start the animation process as early as possible as it can be quite lengthy. It has been advised to rotoscope my animation but will decide whether to after more animation tests.
th February – 10th March. 33 days /just under 5 weeks

4.Clean up/ Colouring: From previous experience this is a lengthy process some times and so I will give myself just over a month to do this.
th March – 15th April. 36 days/6 weeks

5.Editting: The final part I will give myself time to edit but a good space between my deadline and when we have to hand in our films so as to give myself a bit of time to make changes to the overall film after it is edited.
th April – 30th April. 15 days/ 2 weeks

6.Hand in is 14th May so if I stay on target I will have two weeks extra to make changes to my film if need be.

I have also created a schedule sheet in excel. I shall create a more in depth version going week by week when I begin the creation process so that I keep on scedule more.

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