Sunday, 8 January 2012

Photo A Research

A few inspiring photographs that I have collected from a blog about ballet

A simple image, of ballerinas holding the barre in a lesson
The angle of the ballerina adds to the position she is in
I find the silloutte interesting, as well as the tired body language of the dancer

a pile of worn out "dead" pointe shoe, quite shocking it feels like a waste

Interesting light and shadowing
I found this one interesting as they are all moving in unison

From the ballet Giselle. Its hauntingly beautiful

I found the position of the skirt interesting along with the position of the dancer

the body language is lovely and the tone of the photo is some what worn down

I love the symetry between the dancers especially their legs

The hight and positioning of the dancer is very powerful

I find this angle very unique, It gives an insight into a dancers movements before she goes on stage

I liked how the photographer has captured the young girl going through her routine before the show

Simple yet elegant, interesting camera angle

I found the dancers all together interesting and how weightless they look even though they have to use alot of power to come off the ground so high

Close up of the wear and tear of a pointe shoe

gives the viewer an idea of the size of the venues in which the dancers have to perform

Interesting photo, not sure entirely what is happening but it looks as if it is a time line of movements

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