Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tutorial With Leonie

Last week I had a tutorial with Leonie and we discussed how my film should look. We decided that at the beginning of the film, the drawing style should be very stiff and rigid due to the ballet shoes being new and not broken in. As the film progresses, the drawing style should become softer and loose as the shoes will become more flexible and the dancer progresses. At the end, the shoes will be perfectly broken in although worn out and close to falling apart. This will be where everything for the ballerina has fallen into place and she is dancing her best. At this point colour will come into the film and the animation will be very free. The film will end with the shoes being thrown away but I have to work out a way for the whole film to flow together.

  I have been sketching how the shoes should progress and will keep going until i find a style I think is apt. Here are some drawings I have done so far for my research.

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