Sunday, 16 October 2011


A list of my ideas so far;

An animation based on how it feels to dance. An idea that came to me because of the film Billy Elliot. At one part of the film he is asked why he likes to dance and he replies that he gets a great feeling like electricity from doing it.
 It would be an abstract animation, created in pastel colours and with chalk, pastels.

A narrative story about a young girl who is inspired to dance because of her granmother. A montage shows her growing up and learning to dance and becoming amazing at it. Her granmother dies and she becomes depressed but decides to dance anyway due to how much it reminds her of her granmother. Would have no talking just music.

A few sketches for ideas of the young girl and ballet shoes.

 3) A film about the process of ballerinas and their pointe shoes, the shoes that enable them to stand on the tips of their toes.
The life of a pointe shoe involves being made, and then being unmade much like a ballet dancer as injuries and dancing in pointes take their toll on a dancers body. A pointe shoe is a great metaphor for a dancer due to this.

Photo references taken from the film Black Swan (2010) of what a ballerina does to her shoes to prepare them

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