Thursday, 5 April 2012

first scene for my film

Leonie advised me to treat my narrative as though they were chapters and list the actions that will take place in each part. Here is the script to my narrative and the actions that will take part during the sentances.

To an audience, I am elegant and weightless, balancing on the points of my shoes. An illusion.
  • Shoe is shown perfect 
  • the shoe goes onto pointe and the angle changes.
  • the shoe is shown to become battered and broken
My shoes are uncomfortable at first. They have to be broken.
  • the shoe is bashed
  • The shoe then is then scored on the sole
  • the shoe is bent and snapped
  • a hand places it onto pointe position

Together, the shoes and I, we have to train ourselves, many hours, days, weeks, years….

  • the shoe does a pirouette
  • camera angles change and the shoe is jumping
  • the shoe does more floor exercises
  • as it performs the shoe slowly becomes more broken and smudged. Fading to a screen of black.

Then comes the moment, when the crippling pain is gone – and I AM weightless, beautiful, soaring …. such a brief moment!

  • a ribbon appears on the screen as a beacon of light.
  • ribbons swirl around the screen graceful and light.
  • the ribbons drift to the ground as a pair of battered feet are in the middle.

Pain can be forgotten, shoes wear out.
  • the battered feet have bandages on them.
  • the shoe is wrapped up and put to the side

There is always someone waiting in the wings, hungry.
  • the shoes are on the left and the screen pans to a newer pair of shoes on the right of the screen.

I have the first scene of my film so far done.

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